BRP for the People

Blue Rock Projects for The People is a global network that we have created to provide hope and love to those who do not have any.

Every day, thousands of boys and girls under five die of mainly preventable causes, and even more children and young people succumb to illnesses, neglect, accidents and assaults that did not have to happen. Failure sets in early: what happens during the very earliest years of a child’s life, from birth to age 3, influences how the rest of childhood and adolescence unfolds. Yet this critical time is usually neglected in the policies, programs and budgets of countries.

A sound start embraces sound nutrition, healthcare, a hygienic home and community environment, and care, play and stimulation. Millions are still denied these rights.

BRP for The People, every year is developing and supporting campaigns to bring Healthcare, food and love, for a targeted area. 

10% of anual revenue of sales will be donated to these projects for the people