Blue Rock Projects provides management support for conferences, meetings and corporate events. We successfully execute and develop the complete project, ensuring your program goals.

Program Management:

-  Facilitate program timeline and budget
-  Identify and coordinate facilitators and speakers
-  Facilitate committee planning meetings
-  Coordinate brochure design and printing
-  Coordinate local press releases and advertisements
-  Prepare and analyze conference and fiscal summaries
-  Prepare speakers/facilitator contracts

Planning & Onsite Management

-  Function space assignment and appropriate room setup
-  Audiovisual needs
-  Phone lines
-  Office equipment
-  Security arrangements
-  Signage ordering and placement
-  Floor- plan design
-  Guest amenities
-  Photographers
-  Translators
-  Video-Audio taping
-  Locate and research suppliers
-  Review proposals
-  Negotiate with suppliers
-  Create comparison grid of various proposals
-  Make recommendations based on research
-  Assist in contract review
-  Manage pre-planning and on-site service

"Determination is the wake-up call

to the human will.

~ Anthony Robbins